Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My Latest On The Mini Spring Quilt

Playing around with the photo of the wonderful fabric blowing in the wind, I could not help but take loads of photos of such splendid colours. I enjoy taking photos so this was a pleasure to play with.
The lettering was embroidered in satin stitch, as if thread painting with short stitch and long stitch. this is a great stitch to play around with filling in shapes of lettering. once you get into the rhythms of this its good fun and really relaxing to do.

At the moment I'm busy stitching away on the lettering so while the light is good to embroider with. Alice has been modelling my sewing for me, they think they are helping so much by snoozing next to mummy while she stitches. I'm really pleased how the colours are turning out here. Ive just got another row of lettering to stitch with the help of Alice lol.

Ive been downloading some more photos for you to see and had a go on the photo shop at the gorgeous fabrics blowing in the wind while the sun was out.

When all the embroidered letters are done they will have a gentle wash then I might outline them with Kandaha Gold with this being a wall hanging. Gee all the flowers have got to be cut out and appliqued on, it will get done, fingers crossed! I wonder how everyone is getting on with their wonderful quilting projects?



Beena said...

Alice seems a better model than Tam!

Beautiful fabrics. Bet you could almost pull up a chair, a cup of coffee, and watch them wafting in the gentle breeze all day!

I went to flickr to see the other swap quilts. There are only about a 33 pictures, and some are even duplicates of the same quilts shown up close. Considering there are so many more people than that entered in the swap, I think the majority of us haven't finished.

Yours is coming along nicely! Love the lettering.

Jenny said...

Love those letters! Beautiful colours Faith.

Myra said...

Great fabrics! I hadn't realized that you were doing you lettering by hand! Awesome job you are doing there! Good for you! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Chris said...

I love the look of your wash line! Such pretty colors.

Little Mysteries said...

Love the fabric on the line, great colours. Your embroidery looks amazing. Cant wait to see it all finished. Love your model.