Wednesday, 17 June 2009

One hectic Wednesday

Gosh today I had been really busy and rushed off my feet. I didn't manage to get any sewing done during the day but while Jim had a day off there were jobs to be done. First we filled the car up with lots of rubbish to go to the tip, the estate car was absolutely full!! The rain just poured it down from the heavens, we were going to go to the tip again but decided to call it off as the weather just threw it down even more. Next I went to healing as I found a special healing class that could help to keep my MS at bay so Jim bless him, rushed me in the wheelchair to get to the healing place and I think it was worth it, I started to feel calm and relaxed and actually pain free for about an hour it was nice. I will go again next Wednesday, hopefully I will be able to get the bus and walk there with my crutches. I got some needlework magazines mainly British embroidery, quilting magazines for ideas. Jim is now fast asleep on the floor along with all four dogs!! and while I'm typing this blog I think I will get some rest and hopefully some more stitching tonight on the Mini Quilt. The border with thick running stitches of gold is looking great,I have just two sides to do now then the backing and binding and if I get some more time maybe some cards will be painted to match. I'm feeling happier now that alot of rubbish got cleared out of one dump corner in the garden. There's still more work to do but like all my long term quilting projects, everything takes time.

I have posted a picture of one of the Spring Tulips which gave me and idea for the Mini Quilt Swap. I will definitely plant some more tulip bulbs in the autumn as they were lovely to see.

Take care all, I hope everyone is able to have quilting fun still.


Beena said...

I'm glad you found that "healing" center that helps you with the ms.

I haven't had a hectic Wednesday, but sure haven't accomplished anything, either. Just trying to get some rest after a hectic Tuesday, and doing some blog hopping! Wished I had quilted today...

Dolores said...

What a gorgeous, different tulip. Glad you had at least one hour of being pain free. Your Jim sounds like a real keeper. Hope his nap restored him.

Gina said...

What a busy day.
I'm glad you've found some new relief for your MS. Long may it last

Love and hugs Gina xxx