Friday, 19 June 2009

Parcel Friday

How is everyone? today is also another busy day. The postman delivered a little postcard saying would I pick up a parcel as who ever sent the parcel didn't pay any postage at all which got me scratching my head. I dragged my partner out of bed to drive me to the post depot. I was thinking of alsorts of things, is this my swap quilt but somehow the postage fell off? is this from art artist friend that I know that didn't realise the cost of the item?
Any after handing over all the loose change out of my purse of five pounds and forty one pence the postman handed over the packet. In scrawny writing it said "Scratch Project", addressed to where I live. I put an advert in a sewing magazine quite some time ago asking for material for the Scratch project, this was before my MS diagnosis. Anyway I guess the material was from a lovely dear old lady as some of the fabric was very seventies, not all cotton either with some mismatched wonky squares. Its the thought that counts, Scratch wagged her tail when I showed her the packet and what was inside, she understands though she was hoping for some tit bits I think out of the brown paper packet.
With the Mini Quilt Project I just have the backing, binding and sleeve to sew on now, it's looking great. I had to cut some large canvas material so that the wall hanging doesn't warp too much when hanging from the wall.
I will have quite a few parcels to post off tomorrow, I have also planned to send my mum some books to read, my poor dad has gone back in hospital yet again. Not with a heart attack but a really serious tummy infection. Mum said shes OK, no need for me to go all the way up there.
Talking about health I have decided to stop my Copaxone Injections for my MS as I have developed an allergic reaction to the needle and what ever is injection. I have spent so many nights just itching on the red inflammation areas on my arms, my tummy and legs. It said in the book that if itching and bad rashes, stop use. So this is what I'm doing.
Pam from
is hosting a fantastic Spooktacular Swap..... I'm going to take part.....are you?
Pam needs another seven quilting stars to take part..... so if you love Halloween material quilts, Halloween galore then take part, get on your broomstick and conjure up some magical blocks.
I can't wait, I have asked my dear Jim could he please take me to the fabric warehouse for some witchy fabric and whooopeeee I'm going Sunday!!!

I'm going to have to order some special thimble things for my fingers. I have a really unusual way of hand quilting using my middle finger the middle of the long finger if you see what I mean.
I have quilted this way for years and can't change this way. I have tried to practise using the other technique but it just doesn't work for me. So Cottonpatch shop look out for me, here comes nutbudquilter. I'm also needing to collect Colonial Needle Grip It things you can't get hold of these very well either so.... I'm going to have to hunt round for some more of these. I have had a look in my drawer at all the UFO notes and ideas to get on with for the next couple of weeks.
I would like to practise using my sewing machine on very simple blocks. Upto now I have done everything by hand as I'm very nervous when it comes to using the sewing machine, I'm hoping to conquer this. I have loads of throws waiting to be made for my two ramshackle sattees.
I hope everyone else is having quilting fun.


Jenny said...

Hi Faith, I was at the Fabric Guild last Sunday - they have some great bargains at the moment! Unfortunately my car broke down outside and I had to be taken home to Derby by the RAC - but not until I had done my shopping!

Beena said...

Don't you hate it when the medicine you are taking for something has all those undesirable side effects? I have been miserable all morning from medicine I took last night for a kidney infection. It has left me with a reallly bad tummy ache. Sorry about your Dad, too!

You are quite brave, doing another swap! But it sounds like you will have a lot of fun. Halloween quilts are usually a great time!

I sent my Spring Blossoms Mini Quilt off in the mail yesterday. I hope my swap partner likes it!

Little Mysteries said...

Its awful that you are allergic to your medication. I hope the doctors find something that works for you soon.
The sewing machine is a wonderful time saver. You'll love it.