Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sweet Peas and Sweet Thoughts

Well the weather is hot hot hot, Tam is in her cage and Scratch, Alice are panting like mad.

Ive been looking at the garden and in awe at the sweet peas. I love them so much that I'm putting them in my summer quilt, they are pretty colourful and I thought a great idea without having to tour to the patchwork shop. Use what I have anyway with the credit crunch and everything. I do hope my swap partner will receive the parcel soon, I'm getting worried now.

The parcel is going right to the other side of the world, the lady has gorgeous children they are lovely making me feel broody but I cant have kids. Also this lady is into marvellous writing which I'm excited about too as I think writers are fantastic people, they are the ones that write us marvellous books, marvellous ideas for a film and I really hope this person will love her quilt.

Ive used material out of my scrap bags and thick interfacing by colouring some in with pencil.

The flowers will be stitched, the blocks will be turned sideways, like a square diamond.

Some flowers will be cut out of lovely batik colours, some might be painted yet, I'm not sure but I keep studying the gorgeous sweet peas.


Beena said...

I love the sweet peas! Sounds like another amazing quilt in progress!

Good that you are keeping Tam under control! LOL Tam sounds very lovable, but very "high maintenance"!

Sorry I didn't answer your e-mails, I'm really swamped with things going on here.

Dolores said...

Can't wait to see the new quilt. Don't worry about the mail. It will get there in its own time (Postal delivery is so, so, so, erratic!)

Gina said...

I love the look of your sweet peas. I can't wait to see the final quilt.

Love and hugs Gina xxx