Saturday, 27 June 2009

Guess What The Postman Brings

I apologise for the lateness in writing here. There has been a lot going on in this household from dogs going missing for several hours..... typical Tam who had to be bought out of a compound as someone opened the back gate and off Tam went missing for several hours. Because the dog warden picked her up and took her to a dog rescue compound, Jim was fined about forty pounds.

We never let Tam off the lead or roam but this silly incident we got fined. Oh well at least shes back, sore but still alive.

I just could not sleep very well last night I didn't sleep til about five am and woke up again realising I had to go shopping for birthday cards. There on the mat laid a package from America of the wonderful mini quilt. What a lovely surprise both me and Jim love the mini quilt as we keep touching the textures on the flowers marvelling at the wonderful hand stitching round the stems. The colours are wonderful very us Faith and Karma- ish for our band as we are like the Mammas and The Pappas. Nancy very kindly included the lavender sachets too which oooh I adore I love lavender sachets.... where ever I am the sachets are never far away as I love them.
I bought several cards as they all gave me ideas for certain wonderful people on here.
I said to Jim I want a quilting machine showing Jim how fast and neat it is when you can have a sewing machine to quilt for you instead of having to hand quilt week after week and months (sigh) Oh well who knows what the Universe will bring us we certainly keep asking

Thankyou Nancyxxxx from me Jim and the dogs.


Beena said...

That Tam sure sounds like a real handful.It also sounds like you have to find some way to keep Tam from getting outside, because whatever you've been doing hasn't worked well enough. Can you put up a gate in front of the door? One that you and Jim can walk over, but Tam can't get past? Like an adjustable child proof gate some people put at the top of the stairs??? When I was a kid, my parents had a couple of these gates to keep our dogs from getting loose. Worked very well.

Like the swap quilt you received, Faith! Very cute. Mine arrived, but I haven't posted the picture for it yet.I wonder who was lucky enough to get your gorgeous work of art...

Myra said...

A wonderful little quilt! Very nice gift to have received... 8-)
Oh my! Dog missing!?! Scary stuff! It figures that the "one" time yours runs off, that you would be fined... It's those lax pet owners who's dogs are always seen running free that get away with it...
I would absolutely freak if one of ours ran off!!!

Jenny said...

Oh dear, bad dog! I loved the Mammas and Papas!

Gina said...

What a lovely quilt you've received.
Are you doing the summer swap? I'e just signed up for that one

Love and hugs Gina xxx