Thursday, 25 June 2009

Witchy Woo and Hallie Comes Home.

While I was sketching black cats into my sketchbook, the dogs barked and someone rattled and knocked the door like mad. There the postman stood there patiently waiting for me to sign for this rolled up parcel of some kind. I was excited, is this the Spring Bloom Swap?. I looked a mess with my lounge around clothes and hair out of place. I jumped up and down like a kid and ran upstairs to open the parcel in front of Jim. What could this be? I recognised the backing material then realised that Witchy Woo and Hallie the mini quilt I did last year had come home after flying around her broomstick on different tours around the quilt fayres. This didn't win but at least it got to go on display.
I was pleased to see this quilt again. When Jim can get the hooks sorted Hallie and Witchy Woo will hang proudly in the living room.
Theres another competition on the go called "Butterflies and Blooms". I might just enter and have a go, Witchy Woo and Hallie have given me inspiration again to have another go who knows what will happen now?
Im like a limp rag doll after walking in town for healing yesterday I'm shattered. I have just had another look at Isis our cat and asked if shed mind me sketching her....."after I have been fed!" Isis purred as she rubbed against the window hypnotising me with her tail . Scratch was looking up at the window licking her lips thinking Cat Pie while Isis gives Scratch a dirty look.
So often its like the Tom and Jerry movies when ever I go in the room to see Isis... Scratch and Alice always want to dash in and drool at the thought of Cat Pie..... naughty dogs eh.
Its not just cat pie they think, they think Squirrel Pie, Rabbit Pie.... and Black Pudding, Salmon and any tit bits going!! Well it's back to sketching my blacks cats and Ive posted another picture of Witchy and Woo and Hallie in case you don't know who they are.


Dolores said...

I guess it feels like one of your babies came home after being out in the world. Enjoy your day and have fun sketching.

Beena said...

What a great quilt this is!!! You must be excited to have it back, and to hang it on the wall. Glad this gives you the inspiration to work on your black cats. One quilt leads to another!

I am also waiting in anticipation for my partner's swap quilt to arrive on my door step! Should be any day now...

Have a great day. Try to relax, and feel better!