Saturday, 4 July 2009

Finally the Spring Mini Quilt arrived to it's rightful swap partner which is a huge relief. Lily says she likes it Thats good I love it when the things that I have created makes someone happy and smile in that moment then the parcel or present is opened.

Ive still been busy on the sweet peas idea. I had to cut some blocks out and double check over and over again to make sure the nine patches to be used cut absolutely perfect. I had made loads of mistakes in some odd blocks not being that perfect shape. Isn't it funny how mistakes are made and you don't realise that square is just not perfect when you are tired, drugged up with painkillers or have a lot on your mind. Its amazing, it's certainly made me think and I don't really enjoy cutting out blocks as I'm always worried I'm going to make a silly mistake, but it happens and the blocks will get used on something else little and useful. Remember those sketches that I showed you? I have cut them out and appliqued them onto some of the blocks. I need to sketch and do a load more flowers before I feel happy about sewing that little middle nine patch together. Some of the little petals need to be stitched round and some backstitched stems in DMC green threads to be sewn. When the little nine patch is sewn I may applique some more flowers on this little patch to see if that will work. We had a huge downpour of rain yesterday, the day before I had cut a lot of sweet peas down so that they didn't get ruined in the rain. I'm glad I did as Ive still got some lovely flowers to work from. Let me know what you think. It's the last few days til I get paid again and gosh all blip blip swearwords under the sun I hate that when it happens, you really feel the ouch from that credit crunch that way, never mind at least I have my creations to keep me going and my dogs of course.


Beena said...

Soooooo pretty, dear! Sooooo pretty!

Jenny said...

Those are really lovely Faith.

Chris said...

Your sweet peas look so pretty against your fabric choices. Waterfall cascade is certainly a lucky lady. I love your Spring Mini Swap quilt!!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Beautiful sweet peas.
What a lucky Lady getting your swap quilt.

Have a good week


Anonymous said...

How could anyone NOT like your swap quilt! It's so pretty!
Like the sweet peas too. I had them in my garden once and don't you love their smell!? Perhaps I should plant some again next spring!

Rachel said...

You did a wonderful job on the mini quilt swap. I am looking forward the the next one.