Saturday, 25 July 2009

Spooktacular Blocks Progress

Jim is working very long hours so I have been making the most of working on the Spooktacular blocks. This block is the first one, Ive yet to stitch white round under the other legs, stitch the black thread round the cat to hold him, or her in place. What are you going to call this one? you let me know and Ill draw the cats name out of the bag and stick a name on the back.

I have 11 other black cats to cut out, I'm enjoying finding use for the bright green fluorescent thread for the cats eyes and the cats ears using long and short stitch. Ive yet to paint in the bats on the moon, I will do that when I have got the rest of the cats done and stitched.

Do let me know what you think.

I have been given an award by Dolores, thank you very much I'm thrilled to get this, it's nice.

I will paste the lovely award into this and think who else to pass the award onto which is difficult as everyone who comes to my blog and visits is special, so don't want to hurt no one's feelings.


Beena said...

Congrats on your award!
I think you should call the cat block "MEOWWW!"
It's coming along beautifully, Faith. I can't wait to see it when it's all put together. Spooktacular, indeed!

mamaspark said...

OMG your blocks are going to be the BEST! I love what you have done. I can't wait until one of those beauties if mine!! I'm still trying to decide how to do the owls.

Willowfoxx said...

Lovely puss, i look forward to seeing the whole lot of them together!!
I would be calling the cat Willow:) xx

Jude said...

cats names?? hmm...