Friday, 24 July 2009

Two Angels

Yesterday was a bad hair day.... ohhh my goodness!! Jim took me over the road in the car to a large shopping place for some dog food. Jim placed the disabled badge on the front, under the windscreen, we were not long, then when we came out, a yellow ticked had been placed on the window fining us one hundred pounds because the mobility badge was placed upside down.

Jim was livid and gosh when Jim is livid he becomes the hairy big viking on a mission! I was upset too as I had no idea that you could get fined for petty little things like that.

Jim phoned to complain and the company said that they would send some paperwork for us to write our complaints down and hopefully lift the fine.

Ive put some pictures of some angels from a church visit last year down in the basement of Sheffield Cathedral, these angels look lovely don't they. I have certainly been talking to them asking for their help through the difficult times of my hands and thumb going numb on and off.

Ive been stitching round the moons on the Spooktacular swap, they are looking good, Ive to cut round the black cats too and embroider the eyes to match the colour of the background material.

The days have been scattered where I stitch a bit, then have a rest, then do a but more, or some cutting out, not so tiring. Ill then perhaps have a session where I'm so tired.... pain makes you tired I think then you have to go to bed for a nap.

At the weekend I hope to have some cats cut out and ironed onto the blocks so keep looking.

I hope everyone gets to have an enjoyable quilting weekend, not too tied up to other things.

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Beena said...

I would turn into a livid big hairy viking over a ticket for that, too! It sounds like they are just taking advantage of the very people whose rights they are supposed to be protecting! Do follow up with that paperwork and a complaint!

I hope you get some more stitching done, and get some rest, too. I hope you have a great quilting weekend,too,Faith!