Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Thought Day

Over the last few days I have not posted anything as believe it or not my right thumb went numb due to my naughty MS, my hands were clumsy. I couldn't hold and grip the needle, when I did try, it was like knowing theres a thumb there but not feeling anything and it just got in the way. So I had to stop everything, it was frustrating and I kept saying to myself after rest it must come back. Some feelings have come back but there are still numb parts.... how frustrating, you know I love hand quilting and embroidery.

Anyway I went onto to other things not needing too much grip with my thumb which was painting batik spider webs on some cotton material. This will take me a couple of days to do but it will keep me busy. This is towards the Spooktacular Quilt Swap.

I'm posting a picture of an image I really love, I don't know where it came from, who took it, but it's spiritual and I look at this picture in my thinking times.

Well done to the others who have won the Dye Candy Giveaway. They are extremely lucky people, may they have lots of rainbow fun :0)


Beena said...

Sorry about your thumb, Faith. You really do need a sewing machine...

I can't wait to see how your spooky quilt is coming along. I'l bet it is amazing. Promise you'll post pics soon!

I like the way the light is flooding in through the trees in this picture, and the reflections in the water. It really does have a spiritual aspect to it.

Myra said...

That's a beautiful photo Faith!

Sorry to hear your hands are not cooperating for your handwork... Hoping this will not last too long for you...

Chris said...

Faith, What a beautiful piece of artwork. It stirs my soul. Thanks for your kind words.

I hope you get your feeling back in your thumb soon. It must be so frustrating some days. I'll be thinking of you.

Dolores said...

Hi Faith,
Please visit by blog and pick up your award. I have gifted you with the Karma Award.
Take care, Dolores