Friday, 21 August 2009

Spooktacular Blocks All Done

Finally all the Spooktacular Blocks are done now so I will trim round the cats then send them off in the post. For all the Spooktacular swappers we keep one block of each so I have chosen one nine patch and Jim chose the aqua background one of the black cat, I have taken a picture.
I can't wait to get the other Spook blocks, infact I'm already planning a flying geese block border round the edge when I get all the other squares. I'm pleased and this makes me happy, I have really enjoyed doing the cats and the nine patch blocks. There is a reason why I have not really made myself learn how to do blocks. Many years ago in my early twenties just after my road accident in getting knocked down, I took myself on a quilting holiday.
The only quilting I had done was sewing english paper piercing hexagons. I travelled on the train to a lovely coastal town of Whitby where there I met the husband of the course teacher. She was a lovely lady and tried her best to teach me flying geese and other techniques. It was all very overwhelming and a bit much. I enjoyed the holiday but it put me off doing blocks and naughty me have not attempted the thoughts again of flying geese and doing block work again til now.
I'm older now, have more time and patience so I'm going to try again.
I keep looking through magazines on techniques, I have stashes everywhere reminding me what to do and keep flicking through the pages to give me Inspiration, mainly Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilt Mania. Needle turning is another technique I want to practice as well as Hawaiian Quilting.
Now I can completely concentrate on the Summer Spring Swap, I'm going to fix the painted silk square with the iron and paint on top of this, mainly working on the waves and the sky, draw out the beach huts, sort out the material to applique. I'm thinking to myself I'm going to needle turn the edges or just cut round the edges. I do have some stop fray glue somewhere in a bottle. This will be a wall hanging so in other words it's an art quilt.


Beena said...

Your spooktacular blocks are fabulous! I can't wait to see what you get to combine them with, the other swap blocks.
And I can't wait to see your summer swap quilt in progress. I'll bet it will be amazing!

Pat said...

Your blocks are very nice!!!

Anonymous said...

They're absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm not a catlover (ask Pam :)) but I really think they're great, design and fabric. You're very talented Faith!
if you want to try needleturning check the tutorials on this blog They're at the right sidebar..

Draffin Bears said...

Very lovely work Faith.
I love cats and these are a lot of fun.

Enjoy your weekend

Willowfoxx said...

Awww Faith they are gorgeous:)
I wish i had know about the block swop would have loved to be in on that one, oh well next time maybe:)
Off to try and blog and will email you soon, see i told you i am manically busy:)


Nikki xx