Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nine Patch Experiments

Im showing a picture of what Im working on at the moment, nine patches towards the Spooktacular Swap Group 5. I have never ever done nine patches before believe it or not so this is a real challenge for me. The purple material I dyed, painted and did alsorts to make it different a sort of batik along the Halloween theme. The nine patches have given me an idea to try for the charity quilts, what about nine patches and log cabins together? Its amazing how you think of quilts and ideas so far ahead when you already have a pile of UFOs to get on with. Ive yet to sew the whole blocks together so wish me luck . Im hoping to get the Spooktacular off in the post tommorrow. Im listening to the folk band Altan while Im stitching away.


Beena said...

The purple fabric you made is so nice!!!! Love it! And it is perfect with the other fabric for spooky nine patches.
First quilt I ever made was in a class, and was a nine patch quilt. They are fun. I like your idea of combining them with log cabin blocks.
Whatever happened to your sweet peas, and the summer swap quilt????

Gina said...

Love the nine patches. The purple fabric is great

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Faith, no wonder whay I loved your blocks so much the fabric was made by you!! It is just beautiful!! and the cats, just amazing!! thanks for all your hard work!