Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ahoy There

Don't you get that wonderful feeling when you have completed something after such a task and a challenge!! I can proudly say that I have finished my Summer Quilt Swap for this year. When I started out I hadn't a clue what to do but I'm glad I persevered.
All day yesterday and about up to midnight I worked on the backing and the binding, all done by hand.... I'm still waiting for my magical sewing machine to arrive, I know it will arrive this year as a wonderful lady is giving me one, its just at the other side of England at the moment.
I sewed on some pearl stars and hearts in the ocean and painted white on the little fishes eyes. One of the starfish points needed stitching down. I might sew a label I don't know yet as I have a ton of tidying up to do. When I'm working on a project the whole dining room which is my studio including the living room gets turned upside down loll and Ive got to sort everything out again.
It doesn't get me too down now when sometimes I'm housebound with this MS, I think great I can get on with some quilts or something little.
I'm back to sewing my lovely green hexagons so if you have any spare green batik you no longer want please send me one, I'm desperate for green batiks but the local shop here only had two sorts, how silly.
Theres little treasures to do too for all my special friends on here, I'm going to do a surprise birthday giveaway as on October the 19th Ill be 21 again with a 3 in one corner and 9 on the other arrrrgh I darent think about it lol.
Have fun looking at this piece I'm happy zappy with it and don't want to part with it but its going to a lovely home and a lovely family.

Happy Sewing!



Beena said...

It looks so fabulous, Faith! I love how the quilting made it puffy in just the right places, making the beach cottages stand out and giving the sand just the right dimension.Take lots of photos before you send it off!

Jenny said...

What a lovely quilt Faith, well done. Glad you've sourced a machine

maggi said...

What a gorgeous quilt, anyone would be really pleased to receive this.

Gina said...

What a great quilt.
I'll have a look through my fabric to see if I've got some batiks for you. Is it just green you are after?

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

How very pretty!!! You did a great job on this....and I hope you get your machine soon, you will have great fun with it, I'm sure.

Allie said...

Faith, this is really wonderful! How I wish I was your swap partner! I am so impressed with what you do!

Dolores said...

I love it. And I'm glad you are getting the sewing machine. I used to use the dining room too but after renovations, I made sure I had a room to make a mess in and no one could see it. There is a path leading to the sewing machine and that's about the only floor space there is. It's my mess though!

Maya Madhavan said...

Thank you for this wonderful quilt, Faith! I love it!
I've blogged about receiving it -