Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Summer Swap Quilt For Me!!

The last few days have been extremely busy shopping, family life as usual but I had a wonderful surprise yesterday morning. A package came through the door letter box and flopped on the mat just as I was untangling the dog leads. I had totally forgotten that I would get a summer quilt swap for me too and was delighted when I opened the packet.
I got a lovely Summer Swap Quilt block, an art quilt!! I've never had one of these before from Andrea ferguson
the block was done with alsorts of different textures, wool, shells beautiful glass pebbles,shell, coral, and ooh the starfish was stuffed with some sort of wadding then beaded round the edge. The texture of the sand is lovely too done randomly with the sewing machine which very much makes me say.... I want one of these machines!! hee hee. I keep touching this block with my left hand so much as I type on here as I absolutely love it. Andrea has done a lovely job here, its different and certainly given me some ideas what can be done with art quilts.
The back of the block is lovely too I love the batik and the idea of the sun reflecting onto the sea.

Im still very busy hand stitching and hand quilting. Now that Jim my partner is working long hours again it will also mean I will be able to stitch for long hours too. I will post the picture of course of my finished seascape, it wont be long now, Ive just got the backing to attach and round the edges.


Mama Spark said...

Wow, Faith, this is gorgeous! You have to be thrilled with this as your swap. Just like your person will be when they receive the one you made!

Beena said...

It is gorgeous, Faith! And I agree with Mama it was definitely created with you in mind. I checked out her blog. She lives about an hour away from where I live, here in Florida!

Allie said...

Oh wow. This is wonderful! You must be so happy with this swap! I can't wait to see yours done too, it's amazing!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Faith,

How exciting to get a package through the post like this.
Amazing and fabulous swap.