Friday, 9 October 2009

Busy Busy

Now that the nights are getting darker and colder Ive been busy trying to get my rooms sorted out in the house. I don't have a hundred and one rooms though that would be useful for all the amount of fabric and projects that I have. The rooms downstairs with badly marked and scratched wall will get a lick of paint, thank goodness for emulsion and quick dry gloss for the skirting boards. I find I can sit down and sew better once the rooms are sorted out a little bit better.
The TV is coming on Saturday which I'm looking forward to. I did give the TV up about a year ago when I had my flat as I found it was so expensive living on your own but now that I'm with Jim I'm able to do some changes and it feels good. With being deaf I have to have subtitles on films, documentaries and the news. Its just nice to have the telly on in the background sometimes while stitching away.
The only bit of sewing I have been able to do was a cover for my beanbag that I heat in the microwave and a few hexagons on my green magical cloth of other hexagons. I found some more green material with painted gold triangles on that I painted a while ago and I'm so please to find this piece, to include it in my coat idea.
theres a good reason when Ive not written lately over the last couple of days.
I just felt I needed a break from everything just to step back and rest. When you have MS sometimes you have to do these things. The computer broke down and we thought we lost everything but we managed to retrieve things bit by bit. The photos, the pictures, happy memories and music gosh we thought wed never seem them again but thank goodness we got a lot back and they are definitely going to get saved onto disks, you just never know when it can happen again and that it can happen to you. Hope everyone will have a nice weekend, quilting or non quilting.


maggi said...

That is a gorgeous picture at the top of the post. Hope that you are able to get things done to your liking without exhausting yourself. Thank goodness that you managed to retrieve things from your computer. A good reminder for us all of how important it is to back things up.

Pat said...

It's nice to hear from you again and hear you are getting things organized more to your liking now. I'm glad you recovered the things on the computer. Enjoy the TV coming back to your house!

Myra said...

What an awesome photo!!!

Great you were able to recover things from your comp!

Remember, take it easy on the "getting sorted and organized" project! You don't want to overdo it for yourself! 8-)

Dolores said...

I too have had the dreaded computer problems. My daughter has been after us to get a ahrd drive to have everything backed up - just in case.
I have missed you and your posts. I do hope you are feeling OK.

Allie said...

Gorgeous pic - yes, I tend to get more done in the autumn, rather than spring cleaning. With the weather turning it's time to be in the house more and I like it to be comfortable! Hope you are feeling better hon.

Chris said...

Good Luck sorting it all out Faith.

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

It is so frustrating when we lose things in our small spaces. I can get so annoyed, I just walk away and do something totally different. An external disk drive, (small box) plugs into your computer, becomes your D: or maybe E: drive. Works really well, I save all our pictues on this so that the C: drive doesn't get too full. The external drive is not very expensive and really worth the investment especially if your computer takes a hike.
Stay well.


That sunset is gorgeous - so good for the soul, so vibrant! WOW!