Sunday, 25 October 2009

Stll Stitching Away

I had been busy hand stitching shapes, old fashioned paper piercings hexagons still.
My aim has been to stitch about one line a day which makes me feel Ive achieved something.
I'm on different medication to help with my nerves now, so sitting down to stitch small areas is the ideal thing.
As you can guess Ive not been on the computer much as the computer just kept breaking down and crashing, poor Jim had to repair the computer over and over again staying up late for absolutely hours to try and get it mended.
Ive just been pleased to sit in a corner hand stitching away as the computer got fixed with Mr Fix It.... so fingers crossed no more breakdowns.
The nights are getting darker now and its colder.
My nephew who is like my little brother is in Afghanistan on duty along with hundreds of other troops.
I worry about Jonathan, and everyone else out there as the situation is not good.
I also wish there was peace and resolution for everybody.
About a month ago I got a stitching magazine showing blocks done by village afghan women hand stitching and quilting blocks through a charity.
My heart ached for the ladies and for everybody else out there too.
As I'm writing the heavens have decided to throw it down with rain.
Jim took me to the Local Quilters Guild to get some more fabrics and here is a photo showing what I got. The jelly rolls will be cut into squares and sewn together with the sewing machine much later on of course towards another coat or waistcoat.
I hope everyone else is having quilting fun I will go round and catch up on everyone s blog.

Take care all.

By the way Beena if you are reading this I just cannot get through to your block as it keeps saying only by invites.



Jenny said...

Hi Faith, nice to hear you back in Blogland. I'm off to the FG on Friday for some supplies too!

Myra said...

Here is hoping that your comps problems are gone...
Good to hear that your new meds are doing you good... 8-)
Lovely goodies you've bought there! Yummy! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Beena said...

Hi, Faith!

I thought I had told you about my blog. I have just called it quits for a while, so set it up on private so it wasn't dangling in cyber space without any new posts.

I'm still out here lurking, though many times I don't leave any comment on the blogs I visit.

Glad your new meds are helping you, and that Mr.Fix It has fixed your computer woes.

Lovely new fabrics, Faith! Just lovely! I will keep watching to see what you make.

Allie said...

I hope your computer is going to behave now! Sitting quietly and stitching while your sweeite is nearby sounds ideal to me. I will pray for your nephew...
Love the goodies you got!

Anonymous said...

First: happt belated birthday!Hope you had a great day:)
Don't you love havibg a Mr Fix at hand?! I know I do!!
Love the fabrics you showed....

Mama Spark said...

I'm glad Jim was able to fix whatever was wrong with your silly computer. I hope the new meds will be helping you so you can get on with all the sewing with all your new fabrics. They are just beautiful!

soggibottom said...

You have a lovely blog award from Soggibottom x x x