Thursday, 26 November 2009

Beads Galore

Its still hexagon mania in my side of the world and Im desperate for yet more green batik as I need to sew another four to five metres on my hexagon material spread for the coat idea. I will be looking at loads of sites later on for yet more green including ebay. I went along to the crafts group yesterday and it was wonderful to have a chat and get some support and encouragement in what Im doing. Anne the group leader mentioned to me about a place that is doing a bead sale and opening the house today and tommorrow. I asked my Jim to take me and he did after looking at some maps at it was in an area in Leicester we had not been to before. Wow the house was like a palace, very big and beads and more beads on display in every area of the house.
Though Im a quilter and love doing embroidery for time to time I was tempted to buy these beads for future quilt and waistcoat ideas. The gold beads for gold stars on a waistcoat and the rainbow black beads for the middle of poppy stamens, I will be showing you all when I get to these projects much later on.
Today I have another crafts group meeting to attend, I will be taking along my patchwork hexagon pieces to tack, Ive got to get loads of photocopies done of hexagons too which will mean calling in at a shop in town to get them done.
Ive posted a picture of the magical beads that I have bought.... I could of bought more but I said to myself just get what you need.... hee hee so hard in these magical places isnt it.
I hope everyone is still having quilting fun and not too cold.


Pat said...

I've not done anything with beads, but I so enjoy seeing what others do. These look to be very beautiful beads indeed!

Beena said...

Nice beads! I look forward to seeing how you work them into your beautiful creations, Faith!

Mama Spark said...

Those beads are so pretty. It certainly is difficult to control yourself in a place like that, but you seem to have done a good job of it!