Thursday, 19 November 2009

The YES Concert

Last Monday Jim took me, Rachel and her boyfriend David to see the YES band play in Birmingham. I had never been to a proper rock concert before in a large venue so this was great. While Jim drove us all there in the car the experience was a bit hair raising as we kept getting lost but we did find the place eventually, the Birmingham Symphony Hall.
The music was great and a great inspiration. Jon Anderson the lead singer of Yes wasn't there in the original line up but the person who took his place was good. It was nice Classic rock, no mad head banging.
On the sewing side of things I'm still working on hexagons but the rows are growing.
Ive found myself a crafts group to attend every Wednesday that will help with tips that I get stuck with. The crafts group is a lovely group of ladies doing their own project. The teacher Anne had done all her qualifications and City and Guilds in quilting and other sewing subject so its just great to be able to go to her and say
"Just how do I do this?!"
The group takes place at the side of an old church next door to the historic Belgrave Hall where I showed you some pictures from the Summer. Wednesday was an extremely cold and windy day but it was worth it just to get out and get inspiration from other crafters like myself.
Sam the old sheep dog had a couple of accidents on the living room mat, I wasn't pleased but its what old dogs do, so the mat had a good wash, so did the dog in the shower upstairs. Sam thought he had wings so that he could fly down stairs, silly Sam fell down the stairs, thankfully he didn't break anything so fingers crossed he wont have any more accidents now.
The weather is certainly very cold, bitter and none stop winds enough to give you a chill anywhere. Ive been looking in books for ideas of quickie quilts, Ive borrowed a book from the library on Kaffe Fassett yet again, theres a quilt in there that is easy and quick with strips about 3 1/2 inches across but long strips can be cut any length you want so Im going to have a go over the next couple of days while Jim is at work.
I hope everyone is having quilting fun this weekend, take care all of you


Beena said...

The last concert I went to was Led Zeppelin...or at least Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. I always said that after I got to see them, I didn't need to go to anymore concerts...that I would have seen the best. That was about ten years ago. It sounds like your YES concert. No head banging, just good classic rock.

I wish I could find some craft group to join. Sounds like you are really enjoying yours!

Pat said...

I"m glad you found a nice group to work is pleasant to share work and ideas with others.

Myra said...

Great that you found yourself a group to gather with and share ideas...
Hope Sam is doing better! 8-)

Allie said...

My goodness - I haven't been to a Yes concert in years! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your crafts group sounds great!
Glad too that Sam didn't hurt himself. It may have scared the accidents out of him. Stay warm - it's cold here too!

Dolores said...

Glad to hear you attended a concert and that you have found a friendly helpful group of ladies. Sometimes it's just the socialization that is nice.

Chris said...

Lucky you Faith. I saw yes about 20 years ago and loved the concert. I'm glad you have a group of ladies to sew with. It is wonderful to be surrounded by creative women.

Mama Spark said...

I am so glad you found a group to work with. It makes it more fun when you can work with others on the things you enjoy making. Hope all is well with you!