Saturday, 12 December 2009

Colouring in Fabric

After reading through some of the tips in Faux Applique book by Helen Stubbings sent by wonderful Pam, I decided to have another go with the soft pencil crayons on one side of the sun waistcoat. I stopped midway on this project months ago as I wasn't sure whether I was doing this right. Ive been using the Berol brand of textile medium with a wash on top the the sky bit here. After, I dried this area using the hairdryer, when the other side of the waistcoat is done I will iron both these sides just to fix it. Its amazing what you do in those spur or the moment times when you just feel like working on something you've not thought of for a while. I think when you have several projects on the go and have breaks from things in between, it makes sewing and being creative more interesting.
Meanwhile Jim my partner is sick at the moment in bed with sickness, its not a good idea for me to go out so Ive been keeping myself busy with these pencil crayons. Its always a good idea to stock on as many things as you can, art material, paints, fabric paints etc as these are so handy for when you cant get out or perhaps snowed in.


Allie said...

That's beautiful, Faith! I agree, it's a good idea to stock up. I hope Jim feels better soon!

Beena said...

It's good that you went back to this project to work on it, Faith! Very pretty effects in the sky.

Hope Jim feels better soon!