Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Knock Knock from Mr Postman!

This morning I came downstairs,checked my emails and got a message from Pam (Mamma Sparks)that she
had sent me a package bless her!. As I was so busy I got on with my daily chores and had a bath plus loads of other jobs. I heard the dogs barking like crazy downstairs and thought nothing more of it until I came downstairs and got a wonderful surprise.... a box of Magic from Pam.
Thank you so much Pam I love everything that you have sent, the books on Hawaiian Applique and wow a book about using coloured pencils on material called Colourque technique, how great, lots of great ideas and I love the green material and cat brooch.
I will certainly Purrr away wearing this on my coat while I tour round looking for fabrics for my different projects. Ive posted some pictures here.
Meanwhile I'm still very busy working on the hexagons, I still have not found a suitable coat pattern I'm going to have to ask for help and get my Jim to look round the sites for me. The problem is while I'm on medication for MS I'm a size 22 oh well keep looking round, I'm sure one day I will find something.

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Mama Spark said...

I'm glad you received the gifties!! I was so excited to send them to you. You had mentioned about Hawaiian quilting so I hope you enjoy those books.