Friday, 29 January 2010


We almost got a new puppy from the Akita dog rescue but both times it fell through.
The first puppy already had someone else on the waiting list that got there first and took the pup home and the second one got sold before the dog rescue had the chance to save it. I look at these things as it was meant to be. A few days later Jim said to me hes going to wait til the summer before getting another dog which is fine with me as we still have Scratch,Alice and the old sheep dog Sam. I almost bought this top too isn't it gorgeous? I didn't buy the top as I felt it was just not big enough but asked Jim to take a photo of it so that I can stitch that design on another top when i get round to making it, I just love the colours so yummy!!
meanwhile I hope everyone is having quilting fun and not too cold this weekend, outside is absolutely freeeezing.


Pat said...

That top is very pretty!

Beena said...

When the right dog for you comes along, the stars will align and it will happen!

The top is gorgeous! It reminds me of one I had many years ago...same dreamy colors and feel to it! If you stitch up something yummy like this, please post pics, Faith!

Chris said...

What a pretty top. That embroidery is fabulous!

kanishk said...

top is gorgeous

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