Friday, 26 March 2010

Busy Bee Indeed

Ive not written for the last few days as Ive been busy with our new puppy Jazz and sewing row after row of hexagons. I'm working on the strips of hexagons at the moment, about ten, just sewing the lines rather than sewing each individual hexagon piece on the whole lot of hexagon cloth. This is feeling rather heavy now as theres several metres there. When I have done the sewing of all the hexagons I will hang this on the washing line outside and take a photo to show just how big the piece is. Alot of people think I'm mad, I know but its something personal Ive wanted to do for years, to make a hexagon coat for myself.
The teacher suggested I make a rough mock copy of the coat pattern to make sure its the one I want before cutting out the hexagon piece. Now this makes me nervous now, the mock coat will become a coat too, fabric painting on the blank pieces of material.
So theres lots of stitching and still lots of hard work but I absolutely love it.
Why didn't I sew rows after rows separately in the first place?
I guess we all learn from our mistakes, I know I have certainly learnt something here.

At the church crafts group Ive been asked if I could help with sewing on the gown for a new lady vicar. Ive been given the task to embroider the Celtic ring that goes round the neck.. I feel very honoured to do this, so that's why I have been working hard like mad to try and get all the hexagons done. All the dogs have been laying on top of me, on top of my work and loose hexagons scattered all over the place.
Jazz has settled down so well here and adapted very well to the other dogs, shes lovely and shes growing fast. Jazz loves going out and bringing in the plant pots, pinching Jim's socks and carrying anything around.
"Look what Ive got!" she proudly carries her soft toys as if a lion carrying her cubs.
Yesterday we let Jazz off the lead for the first time on the field nearby along with Scratch and Alice. Jazz was absolutely great, she did not run off and kept with the girls, came to us when we called her name. She was great, so good to have another helper while I'm sewing away.
I have posted a picture of Jazz next to Scratch, as you can see shes growing.
I hope you are all having fun and not getting too rained off, here the weather is just throwing buckets down of rain.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely photo Faith, both dogs look adorable and so at ease with each other! Best wishes, Lesley

Little Mysteries said...

The dogs look cute. So glad that Jazz is fitting in well.
The hexagon piece sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see a photo of your progress.

Mama Spark said...

Oh Faith, Jazz is lovely. I can't wait to see a picture of the hexagons, bet they are beautiful. What an honor to be chosen to do the embroidery work. I know from first hand experience your work it top notch!!

noelle said...

Oh wow, Jazz is georgous!! x