Thursday, 22 April 2010

More Stitchings

I know I have not been on here for a very long time, I went through one of those
phrases just like having a writers block, but a block about everything so found it difficult knowing what to write over the last few weeks as I just had to rest and do just little and often bits of sewing when I could due to my MS.
This meant no heavy quilts being hand quilted and no sitting long hours over the table, just sit and stitch on the settee a comfortable place indeed while the MS springs its pains and strains onto my legs hands, eyes etc. One thing I am grateful for I don't have Progressive MS, but what ever I have is annoying enough.
Ive been stitching this green man in needlepoint which I had found in my cupboard the other day and decided to have fun with this again, I felt in the mood for it. I drew this by hand a while ago from a painting I did years ago.
Finally I'm working in embroidery on the Celtic ring to go round the neck on the Priestess gown. Everyone is working away on different sections at the Wednesday crafts group. I'm working in white shiny satin stitch on silver along with chain stitch with a thicker red. i did panic at first but I am getting into the flow of it now.
So between the Celtic neck band and the green man in needlepoint I am keeping busy.
My poor baby Alice is not very well, shes 15 and having a lot of tummy problems, the vet is currently doing some tests so were keeping our fingers crossed that Alice is not in too much pain. Shes just sleeping at the moment and I just cried buckets and buckets at the vets thinking she would have to be put down today but the vet said shes just uncomfortable but not extreme pain otherwise she would not be able to lie down. I m just making the most of time Ive got left with her giving her lots of cuddles and kisses when she does wake up. If only dogs could live as long as us eh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Faith! I am sorry your pain level is up again. I too have total body pain, and since I don't have insurance I really don't know why, but suspect several reasons. The doctor was testing me when I lost my insurance. Pain can stop us, but I know of a woman that lives with the most excruciating pain for the past 20 years, and she does embroidery every day because it helps keep her mind away from the pain and gives her joy. Sometimes when we are in too much pain we allow it to control us and take away our pleasurable activities. Trust me, when I say I understand. Last night I was trying to cut open an onion, and it was almost too much for me. Weird how one action is hard, and a few minutes later, it might work just fine.

Yes, LOVE on your little Baby! I lost one of mine Feb 15th this year and I miss him so much. I had taken total care of him for 3 weeks when he had to be put down. I would have gladly continued to take care of him but he stopped eating and drinking. I used chucks under him and even had to roll him from one side to another so he wouldn't get sores. I loved him like I would my own baby. LOVE YOURS and kiss her and know that you have made her life wonderful and loved and special! My other baby Tillie is going through something right now, and I'm praying she recovers.

God bless you and take care of yourself AND so special things to keep your interests up! It will help.

Jenny said...

Hi Faith, yes we lost our old dog a few weeks' ago so I know how that feels - they do become part of your life. Hope the MS eases soon...

Mama Spark said...

I wondered where you have been but figured it was the MS acting naughty! LOVE the Green Man You should show us the painting you took him from too, I bet it is spectacular! Keep your chin up with Alice, she has been your baby for such a long time and loves you so much and you her. At some point they all go to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us but somehow God always gives us a new little someone to love, right?