Monday, 26 April 2010

The Godly Cloth

Do I ever learn to say no? the problem is I can't. When I was asked several weeks ago if I would like to help towards a Priestess gown I just could not refuse as I thought it would be good to have a go at a community project and to work with other needle workers and crafters too. Working on your own you tend to get carried away and lack the pressure just that little bit. I agreed to help in embroidering the design to go round the neck area. Thankfully when all this is completed the embroidery will be appliqued onto the red gown. I just pray and hope that this will be acceptable. The white satin stitch in the middle is sewn with a rayon floss really shiny giving it a lovely shine as the light catches it. It goes well onto of the silver with the red outlined in chain stitch. I'm still going through a difficult time with my Alice being so poorly, its a real big help doing the stitching while Alice sleeps beside me. Tonight she will be going to the vets so who knows what will happen. So please include us in your prayers and tell us what you think to the Celtic Embroidery.


Jenny said...

Sorry about your doggie. Lovely embroidery!

Little Mysteries said...

The embroidery looks fantastic. I hope Alice picks up soon.

Joanne said...

So sorry about your Alice. We are dog lovers at my house. Let us know how it goes for her. Your embroidery is gorgeous! You must feel feel pleased with its outcome and beauty.