Saturday, 15 May 2010

Butterfly Thoughts

I found this butterfly in the box which I did ages ago, using applique technique and fabric paints along with glitter. I have not written much over the last couple of days or weeks even as Ive been so busy looking after Alice, she is still with us and only just starting to but a little bit of weight on. unfortunately Jim's mum passed away Wednesday morning at 6am in hospital. A week before, Jim's mum had a suspected heart attack but problems started to get worse in the brain as days went by. As you can imagine everyone is shocked and really sad by all what has happened. I didn't know Jim's mum very well but she was an animal lover and did what she could to try and please everybody. Jim's mum was a big fan on butterflies and I thought it would be nice to put this image on the blog.
Yesterday was an expensive day, I managed to drag Jim to the fabric guild and wait in the car outside while I splashed out on a large new cutting mat, rotary cutter and new blades, along with two books, a book on painting murals, and the other about quilting and paper which i thought was interesting. So at the moment I'm just sorting out the dining room ( my makeshift studio ) so that Jim can cut me some strips of material.


Mama Spark said...

Oh Faith,
Please tell Jim I am sorry for his loss. It is so difficult to lose a parent! Glad to hear that Alice is still with you too. The butterfly is beautiful.

Myra said...

Hi Faith! Just popped in to say "Hi" and see what you've been up to... You've been busy creative indeed! Lovely works of art! 8-)
Happy stitchings!