Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Snowdrop In June

i thought I would post my latest bit of sewing. this tiny little Snowdrop was stitched using satin stitch and a bit of chain stitching to go towards this gorgeous chasuble that my craft group is making. Each lady had a couple of these to sew making them like coins to be sewn on the gown. All the flowers are white of different species and my goodness they are so beautiful it takes your breath away. There will be a lot of help needed to do a bit more sewing on this garment but next time I get to sew on this piece i will try and take some more photos. The outline of the snowdrop was sewn on water soluble paper designed to wash away at the very end after all the stitching is done and I got a little bit frustrated with the white bits showing all round the edge though the sewing has been soaked in water five times. I'm hoping this wont be noticeable and that the teacher can help how to solve this. It might not be so noticeable in the end.
I'm hoping to get some drawings and sketches done today for a friend, theres a couple of books I need to look at about angel's wings and dragons, just to play around and have fun. meanwhile my legs are tired and achy so it will mean I wont be running around as much.
I hope everyone has a good creative day today.
Happy Stitching.


Jenny said...

That's really pretty Faith

Mama Spark said...

I think the Snowdrop is just beautiful! Gee, I wonder who the friend is? LOL