Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Booms and the Bangs

I thought the title would be appropriate with all what has been happening in this house at least once a week. We now have band rehearsals here with all the members.
Paul on the bongo drums and Steve next to Paul as you can see on the picture.
Next we have Glynne whos fabulous on the guitar!! he really looks the part doesn't he as if one of the Rolling Stones. So we have drums, guitars, a bit of keyboard playing, singing and amongst voices and all that noise Jazz our Akita puppy biting hard on her squeaky toy to join in with the noise tantrum.
We now have a new band name calling ourselves THE RAG AND BONE BAND!
Its a laugh and the main thing fun.
I did win some tickets to go and see Ozzy in London but unfortunately we couldn't make it as we were all so busy Friday and I have a busy morning Sunday as I will be helping to hand over the chasuble which all the ladies of the Wednesday crafts group helped to put together. I would look quite a sight with bloodshot eyes, smudged mascara and eye liner from the night before and perhaps going to sleep so the gig had a miss. I had already made plans and a promise to be at the crafts group get together the Sunday morning. I'm hoping to take my camera so that I can take some photos to show you all.
My mum phoned to tell me that she was really pleased with her quilted glasses case and scissor case which is great to hear. I did get another special fabric out liner pen to mark out the batik cloth idea but just didn't get the opportunity to sit down and draw more leaves. Maybe next time tom morrow perhaps (fingers-crossed).
I hope you are all having fun and not too tired.


Judith said...

Sounds like your leading a very busy life at the moment. So am I, not enough hours in the day thats the problem.

Jenny said...

I'm with Judith there. Love your artwork Faith!