Saturday, 3 July 2010

Surprised Embroidery

Finally my mums birthday is here and at last shes able to open her birthday prezzies.
I couldn't show these photos on here earlier just in case she is able to peep onto my blog. So here are the photos of a scissor case and glasses case that I made embroidering with Steff Francis silk and odd bits of dmc. These items were also hand quilted with stipple quilting. I'm pleased how these have turned out even though they took me days and days to produce them. I became (anti sew) for a few days after just having to take a break from everything. Craftwork hasn't stopped completely though. I'm experimenting on some batik of leaves on some plain fabric already dyed yellows, who knows how this will turn out.


chris, milatos said...

What a lovely present, your mum must have been so pleased. A gift anyone would love to receive.

Abi said...

Oh my gosh... they are beautiful. I wish I could do that!!

Judith said...

What a delightful gift. love the embroidery on them. glad to see your still crafting away.

tongfengdemao said...

These are beautiful. I bet your mum was delighted with them.

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dianne said...

ooooo! lovely flowers - and the bee looks ready to buzz around! VERY nice!

Jenny said...

I love your embroidery Faith, they are absolutely wonderful!