Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Orange Peel Quilt Block

I read that Paducah is running another quilt competition along the theme of Orange Peel I had been looking ages for a pattern just to look and visualise what I could possibly do. Thank goodness I found the pattern. It took lots of requests moaning at Jim to get the printer sorted and wallah!! it got done. I found an article in the Quilt Art magazine about Paducahs competition. There are some extremely talented people out there who have all the equipment too to machine quilt. Me, it would just be simple hand stitch, embroidery and fabric paint. I may experiment piecing some pieces on machine just to see how it turns out. I have even read that template B could be sewn just as a leaf shape and turned inside out, all ideas and minds just race on what the possibilities could be. Well next Im going to print out the application form just to look at the rules ect.
Have fun all.
Tommorrow is the last day of the crafts group for seven weeks.... oh Im going to have withdrawel symptons and miss the group but I have plenty to keep me busy and keep intouch with all you blogging freinds.

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Mama Spark said...

What does this orange peel pattern look like??