Saturday, 10 July 2010

Yesterday was nice I finally got the orange and white quilt finished by hand sewing the hem all round the edge of the quilt and finishing off a bit more hand quilting that needed doing. This needed a wash so I put the quilt in the washing machine and it came up great.
This orange quilt had been through the wars with me from two big relapses, the losses of our old dogs Tam and Sam and Jim's mum.
In other words it was a quilt that had seen all the emotions and tears, plus happy times.

Though Jim had a bad back he managed to drive me upto the PDSA to hand this over.
They were rather stunned and surprised. Most of the staff had never seen a hand made, hand stitched quilt before.
The quilt will either be raffled or sold at a good price at one of their charity shops.
Im happy with what I have done though I did sometimes worry perhaps the stitching is not perfect and some dye from the orange backing cloth did bleed through but this gave it character and Jim kept saying to me dont worry about it. So I tried not to.
Unfortunately I didnt get a snapshot as the surgery was very busy and the ladies were still very busy manhandling the phones and the computers. It was just nice to say there.... Ive done it.
My next challenge is back onto my hexagon coat. I'm now taking out the paper backing paper and trimming round the edge to make it neater and not so bulky for when I hand quilt the layers. Theres a lot of work to be done but it will be so worth it. I have wanted a green patchwork coat for years, to make myself.
I will try and show you some pictures to show you what I mean.
Next month is the quilt show and I so want to go. The only way I can go is to sell alot of my crafts and rummage round my wardrobe and Jewellery box to raise the cash.
Thank you Jenny for pointing me towards the site FOLKSY which I will have a look at to where I could possibly sell my crafts.
Ive sorted the paragraphs out now they were all over the place.. i wont use notepad again on the computer. Hope you are all having fun and not getting to hot in the blazing sunshine.

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Mama Spark said...

The hexies are coming along quite nicely. It will be fun to see it used in the coat too. Isn't it such a boost to finish something like your orange quilt? I bet they were thrilled!!