Sunday, 18 July 2010

Weekend Cleanup

Over the weekend we all went to bed pretty late as we ended up watching quite a few dvds on the series of DEADWOOD. While Calamity Jane and Wild Bill entertained us on screen, I carried on stitching stars on the other side of Jim's waistcoat. Ive still got a very long way to go but its coming together nicely. As the stitching is long and tedious its just nice to take a break once in a while and get on with other things badly needed doing like cleaning up and sorting out!. Huh those words cleaning up and sorting out are like a curse to me, I just hate doing those jobs but they have to be done. the hall way was getting way too cluttered for my liking so almost all Sunday I spent the day throwing bags around of rubbish, sorting things into their correct piles and smiling at stashes of fabric which I had totally forgotten about. Its amazing what lays hidden in bags, in dark corners when you really look. I found some old clothes which I bought from car boot sales months ago to go towards being cut up to go in log cabins. I found brand new fabric too (((SMILES))) which I knew I bought months ago from the fabric warehouse but just could not find, mainly purples and peacock feathers.
Some of the old clothes got a good washing in the washing machine and fabric not suitable for patchwork went back out in another bag destined for the charity shop.
Jim got a shock, I made Jim a carrot cake and guess what I didn't burn it and neither did I need a chainsaw to cut the cake open. This all went down a treat amongst Jim and our three dogs. I thought Jim could do with cheering up as the car windscreen broke a few days ago and made an ouchy dent on the credit card with the repair costs.
I'm wanting to get back to basic relaxing patchwork, simple to do, which is why I love log-cabins. Who knows what Monday will bring?
The cat face is taken from one of my paintings I thought I would use this as I had no photos to show.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Happy Quilting...

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