Friday, 30 July 2010


Hi All, i know I have not posted for a while but here is the reason why... Ive been working hard on Jim's waistcoat. It will soon be Jim's birthday so Ive been the goody girl just stitching and stitching. Jim said he didn't want wadding as this would make him so hot so I used In sew interfacing which is great, gives it more stability while I work on the stitching lines. Ive been working on running quilting stitches in embroidery thread. I rather like this style that I'm developing, I'm getting hooked on it to tell you the truth. My knees and toes are sore, so this is great to just sit down and hand quilt loosely without the quilting frame. Look how Scratch is helping me out giving the fabric some love.
Jim said he wanted an OM sign on the back of the waistcoat, so I went to the stationary shop yesterday to get the little design enlarged.
Jim said he can take me to the Festival of Quilts on the Thursday... Yippee, thats on the 19th of August, I'm so excited.
I'm hoping to buy some threads and some more fat quarters to go with the KimMclean pattern which Jim bought for me last Christmas.
I'm enjoying working on waistcoat fronts, they are not as heavy and bulky as big bed quilts.
I hope you are all having quilting fun and much quilting inspiration.


Pat said...

Your stitching is wonderful!

Chris said...

Faith, This waist coat is awesome. I also love what you have done with your blog.

artymess said...

Love the waistcoat ..Love scratch too ........Lorna x

Tiglizzyclone said...

Mama Sparks sent me over to visit! She wrote that you do art! I like the waistcoat!

I love your colors! Scratch is sure cute!

Feather on a Wire said...

This is very cool!