Thursday, 5 August 2010

Let It Be

I'm trying to be a good lass, stay in and get lots of stitching done but I keep getting distracted.
After all I'm an artist and artists tend to dream on thinking about future projects, magical
colours of fabrics and planning something else, somewhere in that back of the mind, a fat quarter somehow, or just where to find that right fat quarter to fit in that magical quilt so much distracting you from what you are doing.
Life would be so boring wouldn’t it if we didn’t think magical quilts, magical colours of fabrics and threads. Here you can see I'm stitching with white metallic thread which gives a really interesting texture as this is rough and coarse, I love it. Be it the white snow inside a snow dome or dazzling rays
between the stars and the sun. What ever way you would interpret this seed stitching is fun all dense, or spaced out.
Scratch as always is helping me out and giving me her opinion, giving me the eyeball for interrupting her beauty sleep and why no tit bits? Where you can see the blue in the background I'm just stitching white areas there to make it interesting.
Two days ago I thought I would have a go at dye-ing threads with microwave dyes. They were fun to do but they didn’t go to the colours I absolutely wanted and I was worried that perhaps they just might bleed so was happy with very subtle dyed cottons. These threads can still be used to quilt long sun rays on the waistcoat with natural yellows and golds. This is another reason why when you go shopping to those magical needlework shops, collecting space dyed threads and fabrics are a must as you just never know when you might need some. I seriously need to stock up on space dyed threads when I attend the Festival Of Quilts on the 19th of this month. My mind keeps wandering like a child looking at a huge chocolate fairy cake but looking at this Stitch mag instead at that yummy space dyed pin cushion. Well lets face it threads don’t pile on the calories but they burn a hole in your purse as my Jim would nod in agreement to that but….. shshsh I'm dreaming of my little stash of threads!! And those yummy fat quarters of batiks. Let the mind have fun fun fun and let it be with all your magical ideas and dream quilts.


artymess said...

Quite right Faith ..I am always dreaming of threads and patterns and colours ...Love the dyed threads .....lorna x

Mama Spark said...

My dear Faith, what is a "space dyed thread"? If I can find them in the US for you maybe I can send them to you? Let me know.