Sunday, 15 August 2010

Stitches of Radience

This is what I have been doing over the last couple of days while we have had non stop storms and heavy rain. Ive been using a mixture of alsorts of threads mainly variegated. My favourite are the Steff Francis threads, you just cant beat them but they are expensive and definitely worth the money when you see the quality of the thread and the colours as if you were actually painting onto the surface.
I cant work with a big frame, I have to work with a little hoop and be totally in love with the project for the stitching pieces to work. Ive used paper that you can draw your design on and wash away when done with all the stitching.
I should of ironed this on but the packed didn't say iron onto to material so instead I tacked the paper on. Everything is experimental with me, some things either work of they don't. Fingers crossed I can get some more of this thread when I go to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday. I'm having to concentrate and write down what I really need and what few projects that I'm working on at the moment that I'm needing items for, such as threads, perhaps iron on wadding as Jim has been moaning about a pattern kit for a hexagon handbag that he bought me two years ago and why haven't I had a start on this yet?
I'm starting to develop a style that I love, that contemporary modern stitching feel with running stitches in the background. It makes is more personal and makes it me to blend in with my painting and sketching ideas too.
Its the sewing and creativity that keeps me going when everything and everyone is skint, when the world seems to be falling apart with its floods and loony politicians.
With stitching, you can dream and create the magic.


artymess said...

this looks yummy Faith ......xx

Mama Spark said...

Awesome!! Can you send me the link about the thread again so I can see if I can find it for you cheaper here in the US??