Saturday, 21 August 2010

Festival Of Quilt pictures take 1

So now some yummy pictures, i didnt buy the brochure as I wanted to spend the money on some threads, I wish I had of bought the brochure now so that I know whos who and who did which quilt, never mind, this teaches me the lesson for next year.
A lot are absolutely beautiful and leave me in awe, making me want to learn that method and have a go in the world of quilting.
I love them all and I imagine the judges had a hard time deciding which ones to display and who should be the winners. The Hawaain Quilted one is gorgeous too.


annabelle said...

I love the second one - it is beautiful and the colour of your hair! How I wish I was so startling (I have been silver blonde/grey my whole life and now more grey since my early thirties - its boring).

Jenny said...

Looks like there were a few of us at the Festival! I went on Thursday and met up with Manxgirl and her mum! Shame we didn't meet up Faith. You look stunning in the photo.

Pippa Moss said...

Thanks for posting a photo of my Hawaiian quilt - I enjoyed making it...I am worn out from four days of talking - I was there with my two wholecloth quilts - not used to that much talking! Pippa