Sunday, 22 August 2010

Festival Of Quilts takeshow 2

Here is the next lot of photos. Today I only managed to finish off a rough looking needlecase to hold some of my many needles at the top of cotton bobbins. Well stray needles there are no more and hopefully non will find their way to Jim's feet.
I dont know why but Jim's feet always see to be attract pins and needles as if a huge human magnet.
I found some loose crystal quartz stone chips which had broken off an old bracelet so had fun and stitched these onto the needlecase. I will try and take a photo tommorrow, it's no masterpiece but its good enough for my needles.

The photos are all beautiful quilts again, you just cant beat traditional quilts and I always love the hexagons and wholecloth quilts.


artymess said...

hey faith I LOVE the pic of you with Kaffe he is my hero too I saw him in the 80's when I went to a talk of his I didnt get a pic though I am very jealous .......xx

Annabelle said...

Oh! beautiful.

Jenny said...

I agree Faith, I loved the hexie and traditional quilts I saw and they have inspired me to finish my hexie quilt! Thanks for sharing your pics.