Monday, 30 August 2010

Good old fashioned Applique

Almost all day Sunday I had a go at drawing out the tree for the Celestrial Dreams Quilt. I panicked at first as Ive never really done old fashioned applique where you use freezer paper. I found it all fiddly and all over the place but by half day I started to get in a steady rhythm of actually enjoying it. Its all practise practise for me. I'm trying one tree old fashioned applique way and one tree just with bondaweb where you blanket stitch round the edge. Ive got some nice brown threads for that. So the fun today is to actually draw the tree design on some fabric.
Ive ordered some applique pins and wash away applique paper from cottonpatch.
Yesterday I was thankful for my lightbox as the weather got dull and gosh it rained a bit, so the lightbox gave us sunshine. When I had just turned 21 and was in hospital from a road accident a father and daughter who at the time owned a sign making firm made me the bulky plastic box as the lightbox. It has been with me for years and is a godsend for times when I wanted to trace designs and ideas.
You can buy lightboxes now really small and cheaply.
Here are some more yummy pictures from the festival of quilts. I was very saddened to hear that someone stole a quilt from there. Someone made a lovely Halloween quilt and somehow goodness know how...... managed to steal it. Now who could do a thing like that? I do hope eventually some one recognises the quilt and send it to its rightful owner.

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Dolores said...

Good luck with the applique. I do like your tree.