Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Heath's Country Store

The sun was glorious and the sunray warmed my heart.
"lets go to a patchwork shop" I said to Jim. I was imagining Jim pulling faces but he knew he would get no peace if he didnt take me.
I reached for my patchwork and quilting magazine and noticed an advert saying
Heath's Country store in Nottingham.
I asked how far is would the shop be?
"Oh not too far..... " said Jim.
Well we got in that car not forgetting sat nav and we just drove and drove..... the journey was long... 56 miles but it was worth visiting this shop and seeing the wow paintings of my favourites folk art and flipping eck.... such awesome gorgeous paintings of indians and chiefs. I was sad that the artist Heath was not there as he was away on holiday.

oh I dont know how you make the link thing work but its playing up so ive typed in the
web address so that you get the idea.
I will try and post some pictures of my fabrics to match that tree applique im working on.
Have Fun all.


Tiglizzyclone said...

Those Applique below are lovely. I especially like the boat!

Anonymous said...

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