Sunday, 17 October 2010

Happy and Cheeky

At last I can breathe again and relax after my very first gig is over. For weeks there had been band rehearsals, band meetings, having to put my sewing to the side for a while. The gig was held at some friends private party for a Wedding Anniversary,the drummer Paul and his wife Mel and for Steve's wife who had her 50th birthday party. We all dressed up, wore makeup, spent hours and hours carting equipment around with sound checks,and guess what there were absolute loads of mega technical problems, well it was my very first gig and things can only get better and improve from there hee hee. Jim had to take over a lot of the singing as I had very painful temporamandibular jaw problems which needed lots of painkillers and no singing!!.
So now I can catch up with all my blog freinds.
Scruff was not amused that she couldn't come to the gig and party so chewed up half a dog bed with sponge all over the place. My birthday dog is happy and cheeky and just look at the changes in her now.


artymess said...

Faith well done you ......i'll bet you enjoyed it despite the hard work and the nerves ...the first of many i hope ....the best of luck ....Scruff is adorable....and living up to her name .,..xx

Annabelle said...

Well done to you ... must be quite a relief to have that over and feel that it was a good job well done. Love to hear you / see you. Is Scruff musical?