Sunday, 24 October 2010

Paint we go!!

I'm now hand quilting all them zillions of green hexagons towards my green magical coat. This can be very tiresome so what I'm doing to stop getting over bored with all the hand quilting, is Hand quilt for a few hours, then paint for a few hours.
Ive not done any painting for a very long time and fancied working with suns and moons again. You have to build up the layers bit by bit by painting a layer of water first so that the paint adheres to the paper gently reminding me of airbrush work.
This has taken about four full days in the daylight and the sun to get this far with the sun. Its amazing how you can forget and not remember the knack of the painting technique that you used to do before. Scruff now goes in her cage to sleep at night after chewing through quite a lot of things including an expensive Klimt poster!!
I hated putting Scruff in the cage but shes gradually getting used to the idea now.
The weather is very cold and my legs are being naughty with the MS where they feel stiff and like blocks of ice all the time. Working with an office lamp with a day light bulb and a little fan heater seems to help a lot. When Ive painted a layer of paints on the sun I use the hairdryer to dry off the paint, this is great too when its really cold.
What have you been working on this weekend? anything interesting?


Judith said...

Can't wait to see your coat. The painting is looking good too. Keep warm.

artymess said...

Lovely happy sun Faith.will look forward to the coat ...naughty Scruff but they can't help the chewing phase of mine chewed through no end of shoes and seat belts in the car.....!!!...x