Saturday, 6 November 2010

More Messing and Painting

Today I completed a card and present which someone will get soon. I cant say much about it as its a nice surprise for someone. Afterwards I wanted to have a go at doing my first ever ACEO card, so here is this experimental tiny card done in watercolour. I found this a struggle, I need to hunt round for some really tiny watercolour brushes. When I had a look on eBay there really were some stunning bits of artwork done in the ACEO section. Who knows I might do some more or even put this up for sale if good enough, I have seen other artworks from artistic souls not as serious looking as mine but selling.
The fireworks have been frightening the poor life out of Jazz our Akita bitch almost one year old. The other dogs have been fine, never battered an eyelid or paw at all what was going on outside.
I hope all of you are having fun and not getting too smoked out with all the fireworks and cordite in the air. Let me know what you think


Mama Spark said...

She is beautiful, Faith!! Can't wait to see more of your watercolor painting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Faith, I just saw your Beautiful pincushion on Lorna's Blog. It's gorgeous!!I am now a Follower.

Thinking of you as you battle with your illness.