Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Attic Memories

This morning I went to my crafts class which I always love going to as the other ladies are such fun and always so cheerful despite what the weather, each and everyone of us have gone through... good and bad throughout the past week.
I have almost got my inner armholes done on the sun waistcoat,my teacher Anne has been fantastic having so much patience guiding me through what to do as I admit I'm no dress maker angel as it has always been my weak point. Anne and the class were great with me as I have still not found my hearing aid grrrr. I lost my right hearing aid a few days ago when I went to bed with Scruff. Scruff tells me that she has not had my hearing aid howling and making such noise in her dog language, I believe her.
I have loads and loads of books and magazines at the side of my bed so I think the hearing aid will be buried under there somewhere despite being mucked out four times.
So after the crafts class, Jim took me to our cheaply European supermarket called Lidls. Amazingly we got a phone call on the mobile from a magazine company wanting to know about story possibilities where perhaps you will be paid for your story. I was trying to think back... what it was all about then realised that days ago I entered loads and loads of prize draws, competitions etc on and also replied to a prize draw where someone mentioned story possibilities and all I could think about was just jotting down.... deaf rock singer thinking no more of it.
The company wanted some photos of me in the past and some of us now...our band and Jim. When we got home.... I went up into the attic to look for some photos.
I was amazed and pleased to find this photo of my first ever quilt I made 16 years ago. I had a sewing book and no one to show me how you really do a log cabin quilt so just had ago as best as I could. The quilt throw is just rags and in tatters now but Ive come a long way since first attempting quilting all that time ago.
I get down the stairs from the attic trip and there on the dining room floor are hundreds and hundreds of strips of torn yellow paper. Scruff got very cross with me going up to the attic so decided to attack the yellow pages, good job we don't use them.
"So there,,,," says Scratch," don't go off and leave me again or leave me out of the metal cage when you go away... ".
Lorna has got her card and her pincushion so do go and have a look... press on the link of my other great sewing pals. I forgot to take a picture of the pin cushion but I will try and remember to put a picture of the card on, which took several hours to paint.

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