Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Face Of Green (Lorna's card)

This is the card I painted for Lorna... the background was done quite some time ago but I wanted to negative paint the leaves and sections of the tree in the card. This was quite a challenge which is why this took me all day to do. Somewhere I wanted to paint the face as if the all the brambles and trees came from the green woman instead of the green man. Ive cropped a section of the card so that you can understand what I mean. I thought the card was perfect for Lorna as her last blog has been about the woods and the trees. Hope you all enjoy this card too.... thankyou so much for coming along to the blog to have a peep. I have a load more cards to paint and have fun with now.


artymess said...

WOW Faith I hadn't seen the face ...AWESOME .....I'm delighted with it I love the leaves I wondered how you did them I was going to ask ...much love ...xx

DIAN said...

wow, was my first response too. Lorna suggested a visit here and I am thrilled to see what you do.

Tiglizzyclone said...

That is really interesting! I love green!!!