Friday, 19 November 2010

More Vets.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support to me, Jim and
our clan of hounds. Each day gets a little bit better though everything
reminds you where Alice used to lay, look at you, walk by you.
Ive not been able to walk much as my MS has been playing up so Jim took
Scratch, Jazz and Scruff for a walk on the field for a good run and poor
Scruff has either been badly bitten on the side causing a nasty looking
fleshy hole or she got it caught on something. It didn't look good so we had
to rush Scruff to the vets where she is being sedated and stitched poor thing.
There was was a woman right at the far end of the field with two dogs which had a staffie and an Alsatian... there was some sort of commotion but Jim didn't really notice anything until he got all the dogs on the lead and walking home and there is the nasty wound..... "ouch!".
The vet will call us in an hour and a half to pick Scruff up and I just cant wait to get my baby back after all what has happened.


Abi said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your loss.. poor Alice (such a cool name for a dog) I can feel your pain though, since my pup died a couple of weeks ago. We had two pups with Parvo, one has made it, the other didn't :O(

Hope Scruff is on the mend... X

Judith said...

Hope Scruff is feeling better now. Sorry to here that your not very mobile at the moment too. Take care.
Judith x