Sunday, 21 November 2010

Zentangle Doodle Noodle

I got this fabulous card from Judy in Australia after I agreed to also have a go at a Zentangle doodle noodle postcard swap. (thank you Judy! this is great!)

Anyone can do this, anywhere, waiting for that phone call, waiting somewhere sat down, just get out your pen and have some doodle fun.
So if you fancy swapping a Zentangle Doodle noodle postcard with me, let me know and we'll swap addresses.
Scruff still has her lampshade collar on and when not asleep, trying her up most to get this damn plastic thing off she says in must disgust.
My MS has been making me sleep all day so Ive not been able to do much creativity as I had wanted. I manage to finish off stitching some presents and guess what... I have a scarf from last year that needed knitting some more. So the knitting needles have been in action a nice change from the needle and thread but I must admit Im not a very good knitter. Im still really tired, just one of those MS moment where you just have to go with the flow and go at the pace that you can go at. Sometimes the pace reminds me of the snail while everyone else is flapping about Christmas shopping, being so organised in their wonderful decluttered homes apart from me.

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