Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Snow is Coming!!! EEEK

Wow its very cold outside and its snowing too. Ive not been out much, mainly working on little presents, bits of beading and small items. I will show some pictures once my friends get their prezzies, otherwise it would not be a surprise. I'm OK as long as the projects aren't too big, something small and fiddly perhaps.
I did try knitting again yesterday but Jazz somehow sniffed out my knitting,took the first knitted two rows off the needles and muddled up all the wool breaking bits off.
All for a nest, and all for a protest I think that her mate has gone to bed with Mum and Dad leaving Jazz downstairs,,,, "Huh" says Jazz, its just simply not allowed.
Ive enrolled myself to go on an evening batik course In the new year which runs for a term I think. I would of liked to of gone to my sewing class this morning but my legs just wouldn't let me, they ached and felt as if pinned down to the floor with large iron nails. After some much needed hoovering it was nice to sit down for a few hours and get a little bit of stitching done. Jim got the huge computer tower back after going for repairs and having to be cleared out of the nasty virus. Tomorrow Scruff goes back to the vets to hopefully have her stitches out, who knows, shes so full of energy like an elastic band so wanting to flip and turn, bounce off anything, anywhere. I wont be getting the knitting out til all the gifts and cards have been made, I have to be in the mood to get things done, be inspired. Maybe when I go back to my sewing classes in the new year I will start doing some more knitting then, Ill be able to get help when I get stuck.

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