Thursday, 31 March 2011

Still here

I'm sorry Ive not posted for a while but i have been thinking of you all.
The good news is that I am walking better but the bad news is I'm having sight problems due to inflamed optic nerves thanks to the MS. The doctor said there is nothing I can do but to wait and if it gets any worse may have to go back in hospital for some steroid drips again. Rest is a dirty word to me I can never sit still. it is a good job that I was taught how to type when I was a t school so that I can just look at the keyboards while I'm typing but look at the screen later as the computer screen hurts my eyes..
So fingers crossed this will be temporary. Ive been on a batik course at college and I just have one more week left to do next week.
The topic for the sketch book has been trees which I have been really busy working on. I came up with a design just like this watercolour that you can see in the picture, based on tree barks that I have drawn which have been enlarged then enlarged again.
My wonderful teacher Anne gave me a frame to stretch the material, and some pins.
The next job was to paint or draw on the hot beeswax. Because my eye-sight is being a nuisance I was a bit slow so Anne let me take the batik pot home to borrow so that I could finish applying the beeswax. Hopefully next week, the colours will go on and who knows what will happen. The finished piece will be a book cover for the sketchbook based on trees and the batik course. I hope everyone is OK and still doing your fabulous quilting.
The next good news, I now have a quilting room. The room is small which used to be Rachel's bedroom but its perfect for me to sew away, baste my quilts together without any noise, people or dogs but I bet the dogs will still find their way to help me out.
The room needs decorating but it will have to be done when my eyes are feeling better.


artymess said...

good to hear from you Faith must be so frustrating for you but your spirit shines through ....good on you those colours on the Batik...xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Faith, sorry to hear that you're suffering and I hope that the eye problems improve soon. Enjoy your quilting room. Lesley

Mama Spark said...

I'm so happy to hear from you Faith!! I hope the MS goes dormant so you can begin to see better soon!! Drop me a line sometime so we can catch up!XOXOXO

Tiglizzyclone said...

I have always wanted to do batik! Those are pretty colors! Hope that you are feeling better and that your eyes are better.