Sunday, 1 May 2011

Still Around

I'm still around, just had some naughty hackers mess everything up on my facebook account, so its currently being looked into. I now have a tiny white room as I call it that reminds me of a box room which used to be Rachel's old bedroom. Ive claimed this room, decorated the wall white, put up some curtains and when I can, stitch or baste one of my quilts sitting on a red beanbag. I have loads of projects on the go, the problem is they are all long term projects that take absolutely ages to do.
Quite sometime ago I made a quilt top using diagonal stripes. This was a mega big quilt held together with just safety pins ( the quilters ones of course). In the winter it got so cold that i just had to throw this over the bed to keep us all warm. With three dogs and a fella it got messed up, in need of the dry cleaners but it needs stitching up good and proper.
I'm basting this quilt now as it would be ashame to not stitch this quilt, the bottom blue fabric is gathered in the wrong places and i wont show this to anyone but what the hell only me is the quilter in this house. In the future though I will send my quilt tops to be basted professionally as its impossible to baste a quilt on my own and with my MS.
Ive been blind in my right eye for about three weeks after yet another relapse.
I'm pleased to say my sight is a lot better but everything is still blurry. Thankfully I just need to baste with big red stitches so that I can see.
You have all been in my thoughts and I will try and catch up with everyone, I have missed you all. It has been a frightening time with this blindness especially as I love detailed work such as painting or stitching.
This morning with it being a lovely sunny Sunday, i took myself over to the car boot sale, and came back with a music stand bought for a pound which pleased Jim as he now has his own music stand for when he plays his guitar. Some flower prints for about ten pence each, a lovely folk artsy cockeral to sit in my white room and thats about it. Scruff was so determined to come with her mummy and she won. she was a good girl, still nervous of people but the more I take her around these places the better so that she can get used to everyone and everything.
I'm still missing dog number four and hinted for another dog. you may think I'm mad but for the last four years we've always had four dogs in this house. Who knows I keep you all informed with my little zoo of dogs.


Mama Spark said...

Glad to know you are improving! I've missed you in blogland. You need to share what you are working on lately. You are always such an inspiration to me!!

Tiglizzyclone said...

We have four cats!... and two dogs! I hope you find another dog soon!

I hope that your eyesight improves.