Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hey Baby

hey guess what, I have some good news, I'm bringing home a new member to the dog clan
next week. The new member is a lurcher cross whippet pup bitch similar markings to Alice, named Bongo in tribute to Alice. Next week will be when Bongo will be old enough to leave her mum and say goodbye to her other brothers and sisters. I'm really excited I'm absolutely skint now but it will be worth it. I will keep you all posted what happens when we collect Bongo and how she settles in.
Today Jim and me went to Skegness seaside, I hadn't been there for absolutely years.
It was nice to paddle in the sea again and walk on slippery sand, I bought one tiny little pot from the charity shop to place on my altar of beautiful gemstones and happy memories. i did take my sewing with me in case i got bored, but I was too busy looking round the area and hopping in and out of charity shops.
The night time classes of silk painting got cancelled as the college didn't have enough people to run a class which is a real shame but never mind I'm sure I will be busy with Bongo.

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artymess said...

Cant wait to see Bongo...xx