Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bongo Boggins......

Sorry Ive not posted anything for the last couple of days, we have all been busy in the household. On the Monday afternoon we collected Bongo from the Breeders place an area called Sutton Bonnington which I had not heard of before. Rachel held Bongo in the back seat while arriving to her new home. Thumbs up so far all the others, Scratch, Jazz and Scruff have been great. Scratch doesnt mind as long as Bongo doesnt enter her space too much. Scruff loves playing with Bongo but I have to remind Scruff not to be too rough with her shes still only a baby. Bongo will have sessions of energy play with such fun then go to sleep under the brown chair just to recharge her batteries.
So much of her little ways remind me of Alice and Im sure Alice is showing her what to do as Bongo loves Alice's favourite rainbow dog lead to play with and while the band came round last night with all their music, guitars loud speakers, it didnt bother Bongo one bit. I had to take Bongo to bed for a while as she got so excited but everyone loves her and she all so full of FUN!

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Mama Spark said...

Congratulations!! Looks like she is fitting right in to your clan. Glad to hear from you too. My computer is crashed at the moment so I have to steal time when I can on my work computer.